Mental Health Insurance

Understanding your mental health insurance

Mental Health InsuranceDo you know whether your medical health care plan includes mental health coverage? There are millions of people in the world who needs services of mental health professional but they are not able to treat themselves because of lack of funds. Most of the health insurance policies do not cover people suffering from anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression and stress. Mental health disorders treatment are excluded from these policies. But there are many insurance companies which offer mental health coverage.

Government has organized several public awareness programs highlighting the issues facing people mental health problems. But still they are facing unfair discrimination in their lives. They face problems with everyone even when they wish to take an insurance policy. Mental health problems are diverse in nature. This can be a mild to moderate or severe problem. You cannot say this is lifelong disease and no one can get rid of.
Most of the people as well as Insurance companies do not understand the facts behinds the mental illness. For insurance companies if person suffering from mental illness pose a greater risk. They decide the amount of premium on the basis of medical evidence. A report shows that most of the insurance companies deny selling health policy if the client has a medical history of mental health problem. This includes any type of insurance such as life insurance, travel insurance, mortgage insurance and others.

A decade ago mental health coverage was not an option on health insurance plans. There are many assumptions in the minds of people about mental health. Now most of the states have mandated this type of coverage. Hence if you already have health insurance, you need to find out whether you have mental health benefits or if they are covered under separate policy.

Mental health coverage may differ from insurance company to company. Some companies cover patient’s primary care for psychiatric treatment. While other policies cover a limited number of doctor visits. In last few years mental health insurance benefits have changed a lot. It is very important to understand mental health coverage and its benefits. While taking a mental health insurance you have to assure that policy should cover various mental disorders. The insurance coverage depends on the service provider offerings. Hence it is vital to check out with other insurance companies before you choose any mental health insurance plan. There are certain points to be kept in mind while going for mental health insurance: Do the policies restrict the number of visits to the doctor?Are you paying any special amount for mental health services?Does the policy include the name of the doctors or therapist which you prefer? Or if you have to choose from the list mentioned.

But if you do not have insurance or the cost of adding mental coverage to the existing health policy is too high, then you have to find out other insurance company that provides this coverage taking reasonable premium. There are many health insurance plans that cover mental health services. If anyone considering use of these services must speak to health insurance provider to know the complete information about the coverage. Hence it is best to have a mental health coverage attached to a health insurance policy, as you never know when it will be needed for you. Always go for understanding your mental health insurance to get the best out of it.