Insurance Cover And Mental Health: Can You Still Get It?

Insurance Cover And Mental HealthInsurance cover and mental health issues is still possible, but as you would expect it will alter the type of cover that you are able to get due to you being seen as at more risk of costing them money and this does mean that they are going to try to protect themselves as much as they can. The good news, however, is that there are companies out there willing to work with you and the information that follows may also prove to be quite useful to you.

First, it is important that you are honest about your mental health issue because if you keep it to yourself in order to get insurance and it is then revealed later on that you did have the problem, then you can expect the insurance company to refuse to pay out and your policy to be declared null and void. Yes, some companies will immediately turn you down when you tick that box asking if you have ever had a problem of this type, even though they do not then ask for more details, but the key is to not give up and simply move onto the next company and try again.

When you do find a company that deals with mental health, then you will often find that they cover trips to a psychiatrist or psychologist in much the same way as they do with any doctor. The only difference is that they may issue you with two different insurance cards as this will allow them to separate the mental health care and treatment from everything else and the only thing you need to do is make sure you have the correct card with you or there will be a delay in your treatment and it will just cause problems that could so easily have been avoided.

Finally, you do need to be careful about limited cover as some insurance companies that do provide cover that is connected to mental health will have quite severe restrictions on what is included and financial limits over the course of the year. You will often find that they will not include rehabilitation units in order to save money and you might also have a high coinsurance rate especially when compared to what people are paying that do not have the same issues as you do. In short, you need to know what the cover equates to in a medical sense because you have no idea if your medication will be fine or if you need to go into hospital and you certainly do not want to be stranded when it comes to getting help.

In short, you can still get insurance cover when suffering from a mental health problem, but you are going to be limited in the companies that you can use as only a small percentage of them will deal with this kind of issue. Never hide from the fact that you have this kind of problem because you can still get cover and this alone will remove a lot of stress from your shoulders and the less stressed you are, then the better your overall health will be.