Get a breast lift without worries

breast liftThe reshaping and lifting of breast is involved in a breast lift or mastopexy. A more youthful appearance can be achieved by you with the help of a breast lift. After breast feeding or after a huge weight loss, you may require breast lift. It can also be done as a part of rejuvenation procedure so that the ageing changes in your breast can be corrected. For this surgery, you have to come to the hospital only for a night stay. Approximately 90 minutes are taken by the doctors to complete mastopexy surgery or breast lift in Melbourne.

What is involved in breast lift surgery?

During the surgery, the surgeon isolates the areola complex and nipple on the underlying nerves. The surgeon lifts on the breast area vertically for the relocation to the middle of the breast. A small incision is simply needed to lift only a small amount vertically. An additional incision is required to lift more area of the breast. Support is provided to the nipple and areola complex by an additional incision. The often redundant amount of tissue in the lower area of the breast is also addressed by the incision. This type of lift can be performed by using various techniques. Nowadays, the traditional anchor shaped incision or wise pattern are not used in mastopexy procedures.

After the lifting of the breast, dissolving sutures are used to treat the wounds. Surgeons also insert a small very soft drain to collect the accumulated fluid inside the breast. Breasts are further supported by using soft bandages and waterproof dressings. According to experienced patients, a breast lift surgery is not very painful.

Recovery from surgery

Tight or restrictive bandaging should be avoided after the breast lifting surgery. You must not wear the bra until after the surgery. The surgeon will supply you a special medicated bra at your postoperative consultation session. It takes much less time to recover than that of breast reduction surgery. Most of the patients can do light work or duties per day after the surgery.

An alteration in your nipple sensation will be noticed by you after the surgery. The rate of nipple sensation actually increases during the postoperative period. Your nipple remains tender and soft after 2-3 weeks of the mastopexy surgery. After this period, your nipple and areola will return back to their normal sensation.

Combined procedure

There is no relation of the breast lifting surgery with the increase or decrease in their capacity of breast feeding. The surgeons may also combine the mastopexy surgery with other surgical procedures. Most commonly an implant is placed at the time of performing breast lifting surgery. Extra volume to the upper pole of your breast can be added with the help of this implant.

If you wish to make your breast appear more youthful and attractive, then you can certainly do so by undergoing a breast lift or mastopexy surgery. This procedure is absolutely proven, safe and affordable for all too.